Bringing Total Payment Integrity to Light: 

a Case Study with L.A. Care Health Plan

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Erik Chase started his new role at L.A. Care Health Plan to create and implement the plan’s payment integrity operations. The plan received some unsolicited overpayment refunds, but Erik knew a more proactive operation focused on improving claim payment accuracy and reducing overall medical spend for the health plan would be a competitive advantage.

During this webinar presentation, Erik will discuss how he went looking for a technology solution and found a transformation:

  • Expanded vendor footprint from 0 to 5
  • Gained greater oversight on claims and operations
  • Spurred adoption of modern technology and processes by internal and external resources
  • Created a “payment integrity nerve center” with $30 million in recoveries in the first year – growing to $70 million by the end of 2018

Erik Chase
Erik has 17+ years of progressive leadership experience managing multiple programs and projects in addition to auditing and reporting within the healthcare industry (Medicaid, Medicare, Commercial Insurance) at HMS, CVS Caremark and Walmart. At L.A. Care Health Plan he is responsible for implementing payment integrity solutions focused on improving claim payment accuracy and reducing overall medical spend, and partnering with and managing external vendors.

Jason Medlin
Jason Medlin has been leading healthcare technology marketing, sales, and business development efforts for the last 15 years at both Fortune 500 companies and entrepreneurial ventures. In his current role as ClarisHealth VP of Marketing and Business Development, Jason is responsible for defining and implementing the organization’s go-to-market strategy.

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